You will not believe what someone stole from Wal-Mart last week!  Find out all that and more in this week's "It Came From Evansville Watch."  Listen to the audio player for stories like these!


Dispatch: Male under the Lloyd at Green River stopping asking everyone that stops at the light for money. EPD en route



200 block of Heidlbach at the Liquor Locker there is an intoxicated subject out front. Caller states that they have thrown water on him and can't get him to wake up.



Suspicious Circumstances 3000 Block of Kratzville Road. Caller stated the backdoor to a hair salon is open. EPD en-route to check it out.


Did not catch location, but am hearing talk on the scanner that someone stole a slow cooker, some DVDs, and also apparently ate a Snickers and drank a Red Bull before leaving the premises. Did anyone catch where this occurred? I had just turned on the scanner and didn't get that part. Update: One of the DVDs stolen was Family Guy.