There was a whole lot of craziness this week as more than half a million flocked down to the west side of Evansville.  Take a listen to this week's "It Came Evansville Watch" in the audio player below, featuring stories like THESE:


TRAFFIC HAZARD: Frisse Ave and Jeanette Ave. A hole (or a hoe) in the middle of the street. (one or the other)


BOLO for slow clowns on mopeds. 2 clowns on mopeds on the Lloyd traveling about 25-30mph. Area of Lloyd & Fulton.


BOLO (Be on the look out): Male wearing a pink shirt saying "don't laugh, its your girlfriends shirt", a green tutu, and tights. (didnt catch area they were looking for him at, but thought the outfit deserved a post)


HAZARD: Person down, man passed out behind the wheel in the turn lane at EB Washington Ave to SB Highway 41.