It's been hard to keep up with ALL of the CRAZINESS that has been going on lately here in Evansville!  Thankfully, you've got KISS-FM and Evansville Watch on your side!  Here are some of the craziest stories that have happened in Evansville recently!  Click on the audio for our account of stories like THESE:


Dispatch: Crazy cab driver heading east on Lloyd passing St Joe Ave. Caller says yellow cab driver ran stop light, is driving cray, cray.



3000 block of Old Henderson Rd we have a brown and white horse running loose on the road. Reportedly has almost been hit by vehicles. Be aware if in area.



Subjects are shooting fruit out of cannon gun on S Green River Rd. Fruit is being shot towards area of Tillman Eyecare - 1700 S Green River


Dispatch: Green River and Covert Ave area, a man is chasing juveniles around with a taser. EPD on scene investigating.