Would you like one man dressed as a giant chicken, or approximately 20 cattle across Tri-State roads?  Have them BOTH for FREE by listening to today's "It Came From Evansville Watch"!  Also enjoy our commentary on some of our side dishes:




Dispatch: Person down call. Man laying in the ditch on the west side of Highway 41 just south of Covert Ave.



TRAFFIC: 20 cattle loose on Boonville-New Harmony Rd at Bromm Rd. VCSO deputies en route to corral them. #tristateroads #mooove



Did not catch exact location but someone is taping Barbies to bottle rockets and shooting them at cars. On southeast side of Evansville is all I got.


Check welfare call at church across from Penny Lane Coffeehouse on SE 2nd St. A man is sitting on the steps clucking like a chicken.