The Tri-State's weirdest and wildest come out in full force this week!

The fine people over at Evansville Watch have been keeping their keen eye on our fine city.  They've been reporting on all of the news stories that you may not always want to hear about.  We've gone through and found some of the best stories that have come from Evansville Watch over the past seven days, including:

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3600 block of Jackson Ave: caller advised hearing people screaming at each other and threatening to shoot each other.




Check welfare call, man laying down in the median on Burkhardt Rd between Walmart & Best Buy.




Noise complaint. Loud music coming from the car wash at Weinbach and Pollack Ave.


Indecent exposure. 3 males are making rude/vulgar gestures at passing motorists on E Columbia St by the Deerhead.