Our most sophisticated It Came From Evansville Watch to date!

Every week (preferably on Monday) we here at The Rob's Radio Show sift through the past week of events on Evansville Watch!  Here are some of the highlights for this week.  Also listen to audio to here our discussion about the stories!


Hampton Inn - Subject has unconscious female on a luggage cart trying to put her into car. Said she had to much to drink last night.



Dispatch: Moving hazard, WB Covert from Vann Ave. Tan Impala w/ female driver and a male on the hood hanging onto the windshield.


Blend Images

Dispatch: Disorderly conduct. Large group of kids arguing over a pogo stick on Tecumseh Lane. EPD en route.


Disorderly conduct in 1100 blk of W Michigan. Caller says subject is upset about the overcooked chicken, has a frying pan in hand.