Happy Valentine's Day to all the happy couples out there! And "sorry" to all you SINGLE people...Just kidding! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day. I know for a FACT that the folks down there at Cottage Florist on Lincoln Ave were dealing with a MAD HOUSE!

It was nothing but guys coming in picking up gifts, florists with bandages on all 10 fingers from dealing with ROSES all day, and delivery drivers trying not to KNOCK PEOPLE OVER as they dart out the door! Only WOMEN I saw were making flower arrangements, and certainly none buying or picking up anything!

I've always been told that Valentine's Day is STRICTLY FOR THE LADIES! If a man is LUCKY enough to get a gift, other than seeing his ladies in the gift he bought her (wink wink), it's a plus! For my gift, my wife paid for my brakes to get fixed, which I desperately needed. If she HADN'T counted that as my gift and not gotten me anything, I wouldn't have been mad. But let it happen the other way around, and the ROOF is coming off, which is to be expected.

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