After one of the nastiest winter's on record for the Evansville area, it seems that Spring is finally here, which at my house meant spending a Saturday conducting a thorough purge of all the junk we don't need or use anymore. But it also led to the discovery of my old baseball card collection.

Truth be told, I've never really been a huge baseball fan. On second thought, let me rephrase that. I enjoy the game itself, however I've never been a fan of one particular team, and I don't follow the sport as closely as I do football. With that said, I went through a phase as a kid where collecting baseball cards was a thing. Looking back, I'm sure the main reason I got into was due to the fact that all my friends were doing it and I wanted to fit in since that's what everything is about when you're in school.

Regardless of the reason, I managed to amass a halfway decent collection. You see, back in this magical time known as the late 1980's, when what is now Priceless Foods on University Boulevard was known as Great Scot (before it was Buheler's Buy-Low), you could buy cards in individual packs, or you could buy the box of individual packs right off the shelf, each of which contained somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 packs of cards which themselves each had 10 cards and a stick of gum that I can only guess was somewhere between 40-50 years old.

Like all phases of life, the baseball collecting craze came and went (hence the reason it's called a "phase", and not a "life-long commitment"), and my box of cards found its way into storage at my Mom's house where I stumbled across it a few years back while putting some things away in her attic. I brought home and stashed it in the back of a closet where it sat again until my wife found it during our recent purge.

For cards that are anywhere between 26-28 years old, have been stored in a cardboard box in both a non-climate controlled attic and closet, they appear to have held up surprisingly well for the most part. Some are in better shape then others, and I wouldn't say any of them are in mint condition, but overall I'd say they're in "pretty to really good shape" (that's an official description, right?).

Now the question is, "what do I do with them?" At one point in time, the whole point of collecting cards was to take really good care of them in the hopes that somewhere down the road, you could make some money off of them. I'm not sure that's still the case in this day and age.

I'd like to see if there is any money to be made off of them, but I don't have the slightest clue about where to start. I don't want to just take them to some random pawn shop where they'll give me some lowball offer. I need to find someone who knows what they're talking about, but isn't trying to pull the wool over my eyes if I have something of value if that kind of person even exists.

I'm not fooling myself into thinking I have a few thousand dollars in cards, but I do think it's within the realm of possibility that I could have a couple hundred. So where do I go? If you have any helpful suggestions, leave them in the comments below.