Miley Cyrus' performance on Sunday's Video Music Awards isn't the only thing causing a stir in the days since the show aired. A new GIF making its way around the internet shows someone, believed to be Ryan Gosling, really excited that *NSYNC got back together for a brief moment in time.

Speculation began after MTV shared this GIF on their Tumblr page:

(MTV Tumblr)

See the guy in the lower left? See how he bears a striking resemblance to every ladies dream dude? Take a look at it not moving and see what you think.

(MTV Tumblr)

It's still tough to tell, but it does seem to be Gosling getting his groove on as Justin and the boys regale the audience with a quick montage of some of their biggest hits.

The question still remains, was it Gosling? At the risk of breaking everyone's hearts, the chances seem to be slim to none. The website Filmdrunk reports that Gosling wasn't even in attendance at this year's VMA's. To verify, I did a couple of photo searches myself through Google and Getty Images to see if there were any red carpet photos from Sunday's event featuring Gosling, because let's be honest, if he was there, then somebody surely snapped a picture of it, but my search came up empty.

So while Gosling maybe an NSYNC fan (he and J.T. were members of The Mickey Mouse Club together, and actually lived together for a brief period when Timberlake's mom became Gosling's legal guardian), and the thought of him throwing inhibition to the wind to enjoy his buddy's performance in front of everyone would only make him that much more heart-throbbingly adorable to the fairer sex, if he did rocked out to the mini reunion, he did from the comfort of his living room. Sorry ladies.