Valentine's Day is next week, and love is thick in the air. But not everyone is feeling the prick of Cupid's arrow. Early today, my wife was on the phone talking with one of her friends who apparently was having man troubles. However, the man she's having troubles with happens to be one of MY best friends.

Years ago, when my wife and I first started dating, I introduced my friend to my wife's friend. They hit it off, started dating, and eventually got serious. Fast forward a few years and a hundred argument later, and things aren't that rosey anymore.

Mind you, when I introduced them, it was NOT in the attempts of trying to "hook them up". They did that all on their own. I purposely AVOID trying to play matchmaker for the simple fact that IF they break up, or if one cheats on the other, neither one can blame ME for introducing them. Just the way Al Pacino was blamed for introducing Johnny Depp to the mob in the Donnie Brasco movie. I don't need that kind of HEAT!

Do you think it's alright to play Cupid for friends or should you stay out of other peoples' love life?