The Evansville area has been in the icy grips of the coldest temperatures we've experienced 20 years over the past few days, but relief is in sight with the forecast calling for mid-to-upper 40's by the weekend. Before we say "so long, and don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya" to these below freezing wind chills, I wanted to have a little fun and see just how cold it is.

Last time I checked, when water gets below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, it freezes. And what are bubbles? Outside of a little soap, they're basically thin sphere's of water and air. Ergo, if it's cold enough outside, bubble should freeze in mid-air, right?

I can't take complete credit for this idea, as my wife said she and the kids tried it at home on Monday after the weather gave them the day off school. I just decided to film the results.

Using a little of the homemade bubble solution they whipped up at home using this recipe and a paper clip I fashioned into a bubble blowing wand, I set out to the station parking lot to conduct my experiment. This is what happened.