Part of my job of being on the radio and talking with you everyday is to stay up on what everyone is talking about in the world of news and pop culture. With the internet being a constant monsoon of information and entertainment, sometimes I may miss a thing or two. Here's one of those cases:

About a week ago, during a trip to Target on 1st Avenue in Evansville to buy toilet paper and cat food among other things, I took a stroll through the graphic t's portion of the Men's section when one shirt in particular caught my attention. While I don't remember exactly what the shirt said, it was the words "Honey Badger" and the accompanying picture on the front that stuck with me. My first thought was, "what does a honey badger have to do with anything and why would someone put it on a t-shirt?" With no one around me to ask, I continued on with my trip, with the honey badger shirt locked away somewhere in my subconscious.

Fast forward to this past weekend when my wife unknowingly held the key that unlocked that same subconscious when she referenced the Honey Badger while discussing an inside joke she shares with a co-worker. It took her about a nanosecond after the story was over to realize that I had no idea what she was talking about when I'm pretty sure a look of confusion overtook my face. After 9 years of marriage, she's pretty used to seeing that look. It's the same one I give when she asks if I took care of that thing she asked me to take care of that I clearly forgot about because I had tuned her out about halfway through the request.

Back to the Honey Badger, after it became clear that the reference had gone completely over my head, she told me I had to look up the infamous video. I broke out my iPad and searched "honey badger" on YouTube. With her guideance, I watched one of the funnier videos I had ever seen on the web simply titled The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger. In a nutshell, what you are about to see is a nature video that has been narrated by "Randall", an effeminate gay man or by a straight guy who does a spot on impersonation of an effeminate gay man. Take a look, but be warned that the video contains language not suitable for work or kids (unless you are trying to get fired and don't care what you're kids hear).

At last check, this video has been viewed over 15 million times since it's release in January of this year and has made Randall web celebrity...a webrity if you will. Remember that t-shirt I mentioned earlier? Google "Honey Badger T-Shirt" and you get 6.4 million results of websites that offer a variety of designs.

Like any good entertainer, Randall has expanded his voice over talents to other areas I assume to prevent being stereotyped as the "gay nature guy on You Tube." Here's a few other videos Randall has applied his talent.