'Tis the season for giving — and looking ridiculous.

Every holiday season has it's colors. Halloween has black and orange, Easter claims the pastels, and the Fourth of July has a lock on red, white, and blue. Christmas is no different. Turn around and you're bound to see some combination of red, green, and white somewhere in your line of sight.

Along with good tidings, the Christmas season also seems to bring out the ugliest, gaudiest winter wear ever created, specifically sweaters. These abominations of fashion have become in vogue this time of year as people host "Ugly Sweater Parties" where the whole idea is to show up in the most atrocious Christmas-themed garb they can find — and drink, it is a Christmas party after all.

We want to see what the Evansville-Henderson area has to offer when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters. To share your photo, simply snap a picture of yourself, your friends, or a complete stranger (if you can pull it off discreetly) with Instagram and put the hashtag, #worstholidaysweater in the description. As Christmas draws closer, we'll post your pictures here on the website.

To give you an idea of what we have in mind, here's a few Instagram pictures with the hashtag, #uglychristmassweater.