Who doesn't love a good kiss?

We sure do! We like it so much we named ourselves after the most common form of showing affection. If social media is any indication, people love to share pictures of themselves sharing a tender moment with a loved one. And now, we'd like you to share them with us!

Using Instagram, take a picture of you kissing a loved one (spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, etc.), a total stranger, a pet, an inanimate object, whatever and tag it with the hastag #bestkissevansville.

Heck, it doesn't even have to be you! If you see two friends or family members sharing a kiss, or two people you don't know blocking out the rest of the world for a little PDA, snap it and tag it! Get creative!

If it's a good and "family-friendly" picture (nothing too "intimate"), we'll feature it in a upcoming photo gallery right here on 1061evansville.com.

Let's spread the love, tri-state!