Instacurity: An excessive concern with one's social media presence, influence, and/or likability.


Everyone has those friends on our social media that seem to be desperate for 'likes.' For some reason, over time, the number of followers that 'like' our posts on social media sites has become more important than what we are actually posting. So much so, that we base everything that we post on Instagram and Facebook on how many likes we assume it will receive. I have even seen people go as far as to delete a post because it didn't reach an acceptable amount of 'likes.' Call me crazy, but WHY DOES IT MATTER??!!


I found this parody that I think pretty much nails peoples true intentions behind social media, which essentially just to be liked. Which is fine, because everyone likes feeling like people think we are living some sort of awesome life, right? Regardless, the video is hilarious. Do you have friends that are only in social media for the likes? or are you that friend?