18 year old Jhaqueil from Indianapolis lost his mom 2 years ago and has since been taking care of his younger siblings.  He was on his way to a job interview that was 10 miles across town, Indy had just been hit with an ice storm and so not only was the poor guy walking 10 miles, he was walking 10 miles in below freezing temperatures to a job interview at a thrift store to make minimum wage.  That's when he ran into a man that would soon change his life.


While on his 10 mile journey across town to his minimum wage interview he stopped to ask a man for directions.  This man happened to be Art Bouvier, the owner of Papa Roux's a cajun resturant in Indianapolis, he was outside putting ice melt on his parking lot when Jhaqueil walked by. Jhaqueil asked Art how far it was to the Thrift Shop Art said it was about 6 or 7 miles, and that Jhaqueil  should probably take a bus.  Jhaqueil  jst said thank you and went on his way.

About five minutes later Art was driving and passed Jhaqueil  walking in the icy conditions just down the road he then pulled over and asked him why he was walking and not taking the bus.  Jhaqueil replied that he couldn't afford the bus fare.  That's when Art offered him a ride to work.

After hearing about Jhaqueil's situation Art asked him for his phone number, later called up Jhaqueil  and offered him a job at his restaurant making double what he would have made at the thrift store.

Art had this to say about the teens perserverence even in the harsh weather:

"You hear too many stories about people that want work, but it's got to be the right work. It's got to be glamour work; it's got to be high paying work, a management position. And then here's a kid who knows there's work available, and it's hard to get, and it's hard to do, but he'll do it,

Check out the video from WLFI below: