Find out how Gavin's experience at Indiana Comic Con was!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to spend two days at Indiana Comic Con up in Indy. This is the 4th year of the Con and my second time going. My experience last year was less than ideal, as I didn't properly plan what I wanted to do and only attended on Saturday, the busiest day of the Con. Because of this, I ended up spending most of my time waiting in line for Chris Sabat's (Vegeta on Dragon Ball Z) autograph. This year, I was armed with my trusty 3-day pass (and some friends) and knew what I was getting into.

Gavin Eddings

Entourage: Nerd Edition

The guest list this year was pretty fantastic. The celebs ranged from famous voice actors to actors you can see on popular Netflix shows or on a certain zombie show that airs on AMC. Val Kilmer was also there but he was curtained off. If you wanted to see Val Kilmer (and his ego), you had to pay $80 to just get a glimpse of him. First on my list of things to do, was to get my Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars POPs signed by their respective voice actresses. The line for that wasn't too bad and both Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon) and Katie Griffin (Sailor Mars) were super nice. I also made some new friends while waiting in line (because my entourage doesn't appreciate Sailor Moon as much as I do).


I'm going to get super nerdy here for a second and tell you about a comic book artist I was incredibly excited to meet. Tim Bradstreet is famous for doing realistic covers for some of the best comics. His covers for The Punisher MAX series got me back into comics back in 2004. The covers looked tough and really reflected the grittiness of the book. I got to meet him and for a guy that draws some pretty tough stuff, he couldn't have been nicer. It's always cool to have someone appreciate it when you tell them "Hey, your comic covers got me back into comics."

Gavin Eddings

Also, finally someone taller than me!

Because it was a comic con, there were tons of cosplayers out and about, most of which were willing to take pictures with everyone. Here are some of my favorites from the weekend!

Gavin Eddings

Anyone who dresses as Scruffy from Futurama get respect from me

Gavin Eddings

BEWARE of any Temple Guards nearby...

Gavin Eddings

Crowley and Castiel look different in person

Yeah, I even got into the cosplay game on Saturday and dressed as Dean Winchester from Supernatural. I wasn't recognized a lot because I looked like I was just wearing regular clothes BUT LOOK AT THE NECKLACE! I MEAN, C'MON I FOUND THE PERFECT JACKET AND EVERYTHING! AND I HAVE THE DEMON SLAYING KNIFE. PLEASE JUST RECOGNIZE ME!

On Saturday, my entourage added Chynna (who you might know from our sister station 103GBF) and she dressed like Jessica Jones from the comic book and Netflix series. She fit in with the all-dude nerd crew.

Gavin Eddings

Photogenic AF

I'm going to do a seperate blog about meeting Charlie Cox from Daredevil, but one of the highlights of the entire trip was getting to meet Khary Payton, who plays Ezekial on The Walking Dead. The line to meet him took forever, only because he was spending 4-6 mins with everyone he was signing for. Yeah, it was frustrating while you were waiting, but once you got up there, you could tell this was a guy who loved his fans. He made sure that everyone was taken care of. When we met him, we were greeted with hugs and had a very nice conversation about his work on Teen Titans and Teen Titan's GO. I've been fortunate enough to meet several celebrities through work and at cons, but Khary Payton might me the nicest person I've met. If you ever get a chance to meet him, do it.

 There were a few downsides to my Indiana Comic Con experience though. The biggest complaint that I have is that some of the con workers were very rude to people. I know that most of them are volunteers and whatnot, but you can still treat people with respect. If you want to belittle con goers, maybe being a volunteer isn't for you. Also, I didn't really enjoy the moderator that they got for some of the bigger panels. She really didn't lead the conversation in any particular direction and would often answer the questions of the guest or have a conversation about her thoughts. That's normally fine, but if I'm in a panel to hear what Khary Payton has to say, I want to hear him, not you.

Overall, my Indiana Comic Con experience was a good one. It has all of the makings a great Con and continues to grow each year. I would highly recommend going next year and I can't wait to see the guest line-up!