"In a World..." looks to be a great underdog story, and who doesn't love a great underdog story with a strong female lead? Watch the official trailer!

As a chick in radio - a predominately male dominated industry - this movie looks to be truly relatable to me in a lot of ways. Some days it's hard to do what you do when you're dealing with people who view you as inferior or incompetent simply because of the particular anatomy that you were born with. I have been in those shoes**, and it sucks. Somehow, amid a dad telling her that she can't live her dream because it's a "man's job," the young woman in this film appears to still find a way to push forward, and make her mark. This is my kinda movie!

Unfortunately, I don't know that I'll be seeing it in theaters any time soon, or if I'll have to hunt through my Netflix to find it since it appears to have been released at the Sundance Film Festival in January, and premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival last weekend. You better believe that when I find it to sit down and watch, that I will enjoy watching this girl's dream come true with a certain sense of gratification and accomplishment for my own career. Take a look at the trailer.



**I am speaking of past experiences in the radio industry that do not have anything to do with KISS-FM or it's parent company of TSM.