I tried to watch yesterday's eclipse, but unfortunately I missed it! By the time the event happened here, the sun was setting & was too far to the west for me to be able to see it from my vantage point.

If you are like me and you missed or... or maybe you did get to see it here in the Tri-state, but only got to see a partial eclipse. If you're interested in seeing the full eclipse, you're in luck! I have scoured the internet in hopes of finding a good video displaying the true beauty of the full eclipse, and I found it!

Take a look at the video. It does start off a little shaky for about the first 30-35 seconds. I think  the person filming may have been setting up their tripod. It smooths out, and the shot is incredible! Enjoy the view of the May 2012 Ring of Fire! (If you're not too young to remember the song, cue Johnny Cash!)