A woman in her late Seventies, Nell Lewis, was arrested earlier this week alongside of her daughter, Ruththena Lewis, after they dined and dashed.

The two racked up a bill at A&G restaurant - when employees tried to run her daughter's credit card, the daughter held the cancel button down, making the card invalid and the two threatened employees with "going to hell" if they tried to run it again. They also offered a trip to heaven if employees allowed the two to have a free meal. The two then left the restaurant leaving behind their church's business card.

When the mother-daughter duo was arrested, her church's Bishop offered to pay for the bill. “I left work and came up and asked them how much the bill was," he said. "I paid the bill and I left a tip and they said they would not press charges because the bill was paid," said Joseph Lewis (no relation).

To make matters worse, the Lewis' church protested the church for arresting the elderly woman. Representatives from the state attorney’s office said the women are charged with a second-degree misdemeanor after the owner of the restaurant went forward will pressing charges.

This morning, on the Rob's Radio Show, we talked about whether these women should be charged since they gave the restaurant staff a spiritual ultimatum and the pastor ended up paying the bill.


I think this woman should still be charged even though her Bishop came in to pay her bill. It doesn't matter that the bill was eventually paid, the woman had every intent to steal from that business. I don't know what kind of church this is that the Bishop goes around taking responsibility for other peoples issues, but she should still have to face to consequences to her actions.


This woman absolutely should have been arrested and should face whatever charges are brought against her. What she did is stealing no matter how you look at it. If I had walked into a grocery store and walked out with a gallon of milk or if I walked out of a jewelry store with a necklace without paying, it is theft. If you consume food and leave without paying, it is still theft. As far as a member of her church paying for the meal after the fact - I don't think it makes any difference. She needs to be held accountable for her actions.


If the woman left the restaurant without paying for her meal, she should be charged with something. HOWEVER, I will also say it is in bad taste for them to have accepted the Bishop's money for the meal if they are still intending on charging the woman. Additionally, while it may be ODD that the woman gave the ultimatum "charge me and go to hell - let me eat free and go to heaven," I don't think it's technically illegal to ASK for a free meal. I will often times give my servers the very same ultimatum. However, actually clicking the CANCEL button on the credit card machine now makes it a crime. Either way, let's lock Ruththena up for being such a weirdo... Whattaya say?!


Andrea Davids It is stealing..I have worked many years in the service industry and sometimes the server is held responsible for a walkout. It's hard enough trying to get people to tip appropriate much less to pay a tab! We make $2.13 hr..I have to pay my own bills..not pay for a trashy walkout

Tiffany Hayden It's stealing since they had the money to pay in the first place

Danielle Samayoa They could have taken that $$ and bought food at a grocery store and cooked a meal or got fast food. There are plenty if ppl that go without and these ppl are just taking advantage!

Andrew Mckinney Yes you should its called stealing and should spend a night if not longer in jail that's about like saying the food u ate is free