Strange rules allowed judges to send Jeremy Rosado home instead of America's votes.

One of my complaints about American Idol this year has been its inconsistancy.  I have to check my cable guide every week to see what date it's on, what time it's on, and how long it will be.  How many people are going home this week?  Is it a theme-week this week?  ...These are the dumb thoughts I waste my life thinking about.


Last night even the RULES about voting got switched up!  It's getting really hard to keep all of these things straight anymore!  Usually, America votes and the contestant that has the fewest votes goes home disappointed.  Last night however, America was able to vote, but their votes didn't choose who went home.  Their votes narrowed the contestants down to one last place male and one last place female.  From there, the judges got to choose which one went home.


Some people who have nothing better to worry about, like me, are not happy about this.  The last place male was Jeremy Rosado and the last place female was Elise Testone.  I firmly believe that Elise was the lowest vote-getter after her terrible performace on Wednesday.  While Jeremy wasn't great, he wasn't nearly as bad as Elise...  But of course, what do Randy, J-Lo, and Steven do?  They send home Jeremy, probably because he's a guy and would even out the numbers (there has been one extra man on the show since the live shows started over two weeks ago).


Personally, I liked Jeremy.  While he didn't have what it took to be a winner, he should have lasted significantly longer.  In fact, on the first live shows when the men performed, I thought he actually had the strongest performance of the night.  Here is video of Jeremy's first performance, clearly his high-point in his musical career.  He's singing Sara Bareiles' "Gravity."