People in prison are there because at some point in their life, their decision making was less than stellar. Some of them learn from their mistake, while others, like this inmate in Louisville, may never learn anything.

41-year-old moron, Christopher Bakanauskas had already made a court appearance earlier in the day on a wanton endangerment charge and was in a holding cell with other inmates when he got the bright idea to make a run for it.

As the story goes, Bakanauskas saw his opportunity when a Sheriff's Deputy opened the door of the holding cell to get another inmate for their appearance in court. Bakanauskas charged the deputy in an attempt to shove him out of the way as he ran toward the light of freedom, but instead he shoved the officer through the first door he saw which happened to be an in-session courtroom containing several other on duty officers.

On top of the wanton endangerment charge, Bakanauskas now faces charges of attempted escape.

[Source: Yahoo! News]