About a month ago, I shared a video with you of a girl in the middle of a store using a karaoke machine to sing Whitney Houston's amazing song 'I Will Always Love You'.  Whitney is someone that a lot of singers won't even attempt to take on because she is so good! Well this girl performs Whitney and completely kills it! After going viral on the internet, Ellen did some snooping and found the girl and in typical Ellen fashion, brought her to LA!

Meet Zendee Rose, she's 21 years old from the Philippines.  Her story is very heartwarming.  She and her family lived in a fre station, but since it was a working fire station they could only stay there at night.  So to pass the time during the day she would go to the mall and sing karaoke.  She was hoping someone would like her talent.  Zendee definitely hit the jackpot when someone filmed her singing, and she became a viral internet star.  Since then she has landed a record deal.  She told Ellen that when she made it big, she was going to buy her parents a house, and send her cousins to school.

Maybe one day we'll be hearing Zendee on KISS FM?!  I have high hopes for this girl! I think she could do some pretty incredible things!

Here you can see her interview with Ellen, and wait until Ellen has her sing...Holy vocal chords!

Then Zendee was asked to karaoke with Tony, the DJ from Ellen's show. They take on the hit 'Call Me Maybe' and it's pretty hilarious! Tony doesn't know half the words and at one point begins singing Katy Perry to the tune of 'Call me Maybe' Pretty hilarious.