How far would you go to get even with a cheating spouse? Find out how one man is getting even.

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Yesterday in the news, Kat told Rob about a Canadian woman who was selling off all of the belongings of her cheating husband in a "Lying and Cheating Sale." In today's news - in an unrelated story - a husband who found out his wife had been cheating for more than a year, has decided to spread the word, so to speak. The man says he cannot cause physical harm to the wife's boyfriend because he doesn't want to get arrested or lose his children, so he has decided to make everyone who knows the boyfriend aware of the man's moral wanderings. Take a look at the letter - posted to Reddit - that was left with the boyfriend's neighbor.



Rob weighed in on the subject and Kat agrees with him:

It's irresponsible to blame the person that your spouse cheats WITH for many reasons. You certainly have every right to be hurt, upset, and angry, but aim your anger in the right direction. The woman you married (whom you obviously didn't know as well as you probably should have) is the person who swore to God and the state that she would remain faithful to you until death do you part... Not this other guy who doesn't know you. He didn't commit or swear anything to you... Your wife did. Blame her, not him.