Self-proclaimed "Human Barbie", Sarah Purge has given me even more reason to THANK GOD I don't have any daughters! She has given her daughter a coupon for Liposuction as a gift for Christmas! The killer part is, her daughter is only 7-YEARS-OLD! What kind of foundation is she setting for her daughter's self-esteem? Although I myself am not attracted to silicon, there are guys that are, and I have no problem with a grown woman making that choice herself. Who knows HOW this young girls body is going to develop?

This in not the first time Barbie Mom has given her daughter a gift like this. For her birthday, Sarah gave her daughter a coupon for BREAST IMPLANTS! Are you kidding me? When asked about the "unusual" gifts, Purge said "I put the voucher in her stocking. There's nothing wrong with that. She asks for surgery all the time..." Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What 7-year-old asks for plastic surgery? And if they did WHY WOULD YOU ENCOURAGE THAT FOR A 7-YEAR-OLD? Good grief Charlie Brown!

Purge is no stranger to the knife herself, looking like a patchwork of other women put together like a puzzle. In my opinion this lady, and soon her daughter, needs some special counseling on self image and self esteem! But that's just me, how bout you?