On Monday, I wrote a blog explaining a little bit about my experience working for Howard Stern.  I had been seeing a lot of people in Evansville saying very nasty things about him on Facebook, and I wanted to let those people know that their perceptions were largely misguided and untrue.

Over the course of two nights, I’ve noticed a large number of former Stern-haters singing a different tune.  Even many of the ignorant commenters on the News 14 facebook page I mentioned in my former blog admitted to being shocked by what they saw and heard from Howard…  In a GOOD way!

Please note that this is EXACTLY what I said was going to happen in the closing sentences of my blog, which was put up before America’s Got Talent premiered on Monday night.  I’m really curious to know exactly WHAT the Stern-haters THOUGHT he was going to do.  Many claimed they ACTUALLY thought Stern was going to force women out of their clothes on the prime-time NBC show.  I cannot find the words to properly convey how asinine I find a thought like that to be.

The show has completed its first week…  Two episodes…  FOUR hours of the alleged soulless, moral-less, humorless Howard Stern.  Critics have largely (Seemingly endlessly) praised the performance and personality of Stern.  I know personally, I was getting text messages, phone calls, facebook messages and comments about how impressed they were with the man I had been trying to explain to people my entire life.

Which leads me to my one simple question I would like polled…  DO YOU LIKE HOWARD STERN ON AMERICA’S GOT TALENT?  Or are you still convinced he is the bringer of all things evil?