My daughter and I stumbled across this video last night, and she HAD to try out the technique. My daughter has hair a lot like mine. It just does not hold curl from a curling iron or hot rollers. Not to mention, the added heat is not good for your hair anyway. The technique shown in the video uses a "sock donut" (see the second video for a more detailed look) to make a bun on top of the head.

I was skeptical, but my daughter really wanted to try it out, so me started by making a "sock donut." She then followed the instructions in the first video, and went to bed for the night. She got up extra early this morning, just in case it didn't work well, and she needed to wash it out. At 6am, I got a picture message. My daughter was thrilled! The results were really pretty impressive. I think with a little practice, she'll be able to master the results that you see in the video, and the best part... NO HEAT!!


Here's how to get the curls...

And here's how to make the "donut" and how to create the bun.