I love looking through the birth announcements in the newspaper. If you're not familiar with what I'm talking about, the newspaper is method by which news and current events are delivered. You can find it at grocery stores, gas stations, and some street corners. Heck, they'll even deliver it directly to your house! Anywho, I enjoy looking through the birth announcements to see what ridiculous names parents are labeling their poor children with in an attempt to be unique. A trend that may only get worse thanks to a website that tells you how many people in America share your name.

Howmanyofme.com uses U.S. Census data to tell you how many other people in this great land of ours have birth certificates that look eerily similar to yours. Not only that, it will tell you how many others are out there share your first and last names separately. For example, when I type in "Ryan O'Bryan", I find out that there are 523,388 other "Ryan's" in America making it the 109th most popular first name in the country. 98.2% of us are male (myself included...depending on my mood). On the flip side, there are only 7,194 people with the last name "O'Bryan" making it the 5,185th most popular last name.

Combine the two together and the number drops dramatically, take a look:

Logo There are
people with the name Ryan Obryan in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Now, if you're name is "James Smith", then you should probably already realize that's a pretty common name (there's 45,937 of you). However if you name is "Neveah Handleberg", you're the only one (thanks for reading my blog!). You're parents did a great job of giving you a unique name and years of ridicule.

Even though the site admits that the results you get may not be spot on, it does acknowledge that it's at least in the "ballpark". If nothing else, the site is fun waste of time as I found myself typing in my kids' names, my wife's name, and the names of friends and other family members. Even if it turns out that your name isn't as unique as you may have hoped, remember...it's not your name that makes you unique, it's what's inside that makes you special! Although a cool name couldn't hurt.