I've have many nicknames since I was a kid up until now, most of which were given to me by OTHER people. When you give YOURSELF a different name, it called an "ALIAS"! My mother was the ONLY one who ALWAYS called me by my REAL name, and when she used my FULL name, I knew I was in TROUBLE!

Some celebrities have had so many different names that it's sometimes hard to keep on them! Snoop Dogg a.k.a Snoop LION just changed HIS name again not too long ago after taking a trip to Jamaica! We know how THAT trip went down, don't we?!

Here's a gallery of some celebrities that have adopted a few different monikers over the years. Some you might have heard, and some you probably haven't!

How many different nicknames or aliases have YOU had? Leave your answers in the comment box and I'll read them during tomorrow's show...unless you got warrants or something!