Crispy or chewy? The debate rages on.

On Monday, the business department here at the station (the people in charge of billing advertisers, collecting money, scheduling commercials, and various other human resources type of things) was kind enough to make a hearty brunch for the entire staff. One of those camaraderie-building sort of things, I suppose.

The massive spread included omelets, waffles, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit, some sort of delicious breakfast casserole concoction, sausage patties, and possibly the greatest meat ever discovered, BACON!

God bless the first person who figured out how to harvest this meat-of-all-meats from a pig, and transform it into the fatty, salty delight we can enjoy on practically anything. Seriously, doesn't it make everything better? That's a rhetorical question of course because we all know the answer is a resounding, "YES!"

Anywho, back on point. Our Accounts Payable / Receivable lady, Jill, was given the all important task of cooking the bacon on an electric griddle. In my opinion, she nailed it! The bacon was done, but still chewy. The perfect way to cook and eat bacon if you ask me. I praised Jill for bacon cooking skills in a mass thank you e-mail chain, making a point to add the comment that chewy bacon is the way to go, and that anyone who thinks differently is clearly wrong. And that's when the debate began.

My General Manager responded directly to me claiming the only way to enjoy bacon is crispy. Fine. She's certainly entitled to her opinion, even though that opinion is incorrect. It was evident from the get-go that neither of us were willing to budge on our stance, so I did what anyone does these days when you want to rally others around your cause — I took the debate to Facebook.

(Official 106-1 KISS-FM Facebook)

What I learned is that apparently nothing fires up the Facebookers like a good old fashioned bacon debate. There were those who took my side:

(Official 106-1 KISS-FM Facebook)

And there were those who were wrong.

(Official 106-1 KISS-FM Facebook)

There were those that were just happy to be eating bacon.

(Official 106-KISS-FM Facebook)

And then, there was this.

(Official 106-1 KISS-FM Facebook)

The only thing right about that comment is the first seven words (if you count "r" as a word).

If I added them up correctly, of the comments we received, 12 people are on my side, while 15 opted for the joining the Dark Side, and four people are content just to have a piece of bacon touch their tongue. On the surface it would appear that I, along with at least 12 other people are on the losing side of this debate. But maybe it's not about winning or losing. Maybe those of us with an opinion should take a cue from those without, and just be happy that we get to eat bacon at all.