If you ever played with Hot Wheels yourself, or watched a young kid play with them, this is exactly how it looked through their eyes.

The living room of the house I grew up in featured a floor that was half carpeted and half marble in front of the fireplace. But it wasn't a solid slab of marble, it was broken up and laid into the floor held together by mortar like a brick wall. The point being, the mortar made the perfect "roads" when it came time to break out the Hot Wheels. Whether my brother and I were racing cars, or playing cops and robbers, in our heads, we weren't driving our cars on years old dry motor. They were main roads, side streets, and back alleys needed to make our getaway or a shortcut to get the upper hand and win the race.

That's the idea behind the video below. Nitro Warriors was filmed entirely with a phone by a company calling themselves Vanguard Pictures. According to its YouTube description, the just over two and a half minute video took six months to film. By the looks of it, it was worth every minute.