New attractions include a new ride inside Splashin' Safari, along with more activities and shows after the sun goes down.

On Monday evening, Holiday World released a video on their website featuring park President Dan Koch, and his mother, Pat Koch touring the Holiday World grounds and giving the public a glimpse at what they have in store for the 2013 season which will begin in early May.

In addition to the construction of a new water slide feature called the Rhino Blast, Holiday World will also reconfigure the boarders of Splashin' Safari in a way that Pilgrim's Plunge will be included in that portion of the park instead of being a fixture in the Thanksgiving section (I imagine it's easier to move imaginary lines as opposed to deconstructing and reconstructing the ride itself). The move will also find Pilgrim's Plunge given the new name "Giraffica" to conform with the safari-animal theme of the other attractions inside Splashin' Safari.

Other announcements include the expansion of their new Happy Halloween Weekends, a larger, more impressive stage for their daily dive show performances, and laser light shows that will light up the night sky of Santa Claus, IN once the summer sun sets. But I won't spoil everything, I'll let Dan and Pat explain the rest. It's the least I could do seeing they took the time to shoot the video.