Meet the newest internet sensation.  His name is Kai, not only does he give some words of wisdom, he also cusses up a storm while talk about how he "Smash, smash, SMAAAASH"-ed that dudes head with a hatchet.


Usually when you hear the words "hitchhiker with a hatchet" you usually don't think hero.  In this case you do! A very unconventional hero I might add. Kai was hitchhiking when the driver of the car claimed he was "Jesus Christ" and decided to run into a PG&E worker, because the man was black.  After that the crazy driver grabbed a woman and put her in a bear hug to try to smother her, that's when Kai jumped to action and saved her life by smashing the guy in the head with a hatchet.

Kai didn't ask for internet fame, but inevitably his hilarious and NSFW testimony went viral.  All Kai wants out of all this mess is a surfboard and some waves to ride! Get the full story and see Kai's interview below!

You know you have hit actual internet fame when you get Songified, Kai has already reached that point of internet fame, if you want to watch the songified version of Kai's testimony click here!

Here's the news video that ran, and is safe to watch as all the bad words have been taken out:

And here is the full version of the interview that is hilarious but warning, there's a lot of bad language!