I'll have what he's having...and make it a double.

Somehow through these first 35 years of my life, I have managed to avoid any serious injury. I've never broken a bone, nor have I had any major accidents that have required a trip to the emergency room. Outside of having tubes placed in my ears when I was two or three, there's been no need to be "put under". Although by the looks of this video, I'm apparently missing out on a heck of a ride.

Meet Chad. Chad just had his wisdom teeth removed, a procedure that apparently required heavy anesthesia. Anesthesia that Chad is still under the effects of when he gets home. Fortunately for us, a friend or family member had the video camera handy and caught all the action as Chad sat in the family recliner, watched a soccer game between Russia ("they're bad people, huh?") and the "Slovakians", and told his dad he wanted to build him and his mom a nicer house during a chat on the phone.

If you enjoyed that, Chad's YouTube page practically chronicles the whole experience from shortly after the procedure is over to the car ride home to another video that appears to have been filmed just before the one above.

Have you ever had a wild "come down" after a procedure? Share your story in the comments below.