Ahhhh, high school. That four year period were men become boys and girls become women. Graduating from high school means you're an adult. No longer are you required to go to school every weekday for nine months out of the year. If you don't want to educate yourself further, you don't have to. It also potentially means the unintended end of friendships as everyone goes their separate ways after spending over a decade seeing one another on almost a daily basis. One group of friends from North Penn High School in Pennsylvania made sure their class had one last memory before writing the next chapter in their lives.

Individually, they are Suyog Padgaonkar, Ben Kloss, and Minzo Kim. Collectively, they are the violin, cello, and guitar player for "String Theory". During their recent graduation ceremony, they put together one last performance for their friends and family in attendence featuring one hit song from every year of their school career starting with 1999 (presumably the year they started first grade).

Overall, it's really well done. Take a listen and see if you can guess each song then click the link below the video to see how many you got right.