To find a sample for his latest hit single, "How I Feel", Flo Rida travels way back to 1965.

Sampling or borrowing parts of previously recorded songs to make a new one is nothing new in the world of music, particularly in hip-hop. Flo Rida himself is no stranger to sampling having used beats, vocals, and other various clips from other songs to create some of his biggest hits including "Right Round", "I Cry", and "Good Feeling".

For "How I Feel" off his upcoming album, The Perfect 10 due in stores sometime in 2014 (a specific date has yet to be announced), Flo' samples the 1965 song "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone, which itself is a cover of the 1964 song of the same name by Cy Grant.

Whereas Nina added a bit of soul to her version, Flo Rida speeds things up a bit, adding a bit of bass to shake things up. Here's Nina's version followed by Flo Rida's: