Actually it's not really Harry, but his accent is pretty convincing! Plus these girls reactions are priceless!

What would you do if your absolute favorite celebrity called you? I'd probably freak out.  But then again if my favorite celebrity called me I'd be wondering how they got my number, and then that would raise suspicion. However these "lucky" fans tweeted Mr. Styles their numbers.  Unbeknownst to them Jon here was creepin' on some Twitter accounts and put on his best British accent to trick these Diretioners.

Their reactions are so funny! From telling Harry that he should take on a solo career to telling him to drop Taylor Swift, they have all the right ideas for their favorite man. I also like when he asks them about his hair, one fan responded with "don't change it, you're amazing just the way you are!"  Bruno Mars would be so proud.

In this first video if you listen carefully in the beginning you hear the girl say "Sorry I just fell down the stairs" ya know like it's no big deal what so ever.