Today would mark the 85th birthday of Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson, had she not passed away in 1962.

Monroe is considered by many to be a legendary pop culture icon, an image of true beauty. I would personally have to agree, for a number of reasons, one being that she was NOT the super skinny waif super model. She was built like a woman. There have been many different references to what size she actually was, however as best as I can tell, Marilyn was approximately a size 12. Of course her weight and measurements varied as most women's do, according to Jezebel, her physical measurements were in the range of...

But if people demand numbers? They're certainly out there. According to measurements from Marilyn Monroe's dressmaker:
Height: 5 feet, 5½ inches
Weight: 118-140 pounds
Bust: 35-37 inches
Waist: 22-23 inches
Hips: 35-36 inches

See?!? She was anything but super skinny and she was considered by many to be absolutely beautiful. I guess what I am trying to tell you is celebrate who you are! You are beautiful!

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