If there is one thing I learned in high school, it's that you don't text message or social media break up.  And I really think that should also work the same for proposing. 


Courtesy of Guy Malachi

One thing that is cool about the internet is anytime someone proposes in a really cool way, it usually ends up on YouTube or on a news website. Well this proposal was definitely "newsworthy."

Ask any girl, and I can guarantee she will give you the same answer.  Would it be cool for someone to propose to you on Facebook?  I'm pretty positive 99.9% of the girls surveyed would say "Yeah...no way.  Totally lame."  At least that's what I'd say.  Well this guy not only proposed to his girlfriend on Facebook he completely hacked Facebook in ways that I'm pretty sure you only learn to hack if you're in the FBI.  This guy has some serious computer skills.

Guy Malachi is an Israeli entrepreneur with some serious creativity.  He wrote a code that took over her Facebook page that would prompt her to confirm her relationship status.  No matter which option she tried to choose it would automatically change it to "married."  Then another screen came up with screen shots of friends asking "Who is the lucky guy?"  the very next screen was a picture of Malachi that said "Maybe it's this guy."

Then inevitably it was the photo of Malachi with the ring (Cue "Awwwhh" noises).

Luckily for Malachi, Eva is now his fiance'!

Personally, I think this is kinda cool.  The fact that it took him a week of doing nothing but writing a code just to hack her facebook, it's pretty cool.  I mean hey at least he didn't just tag her in a Facebook status.