Does Marvel have another sure-fire blockbuster on its hands, or will Guardians be a stumble in their impressive track record?

So far I have seen every film of Marvel's "Phase 1" campaign starting with the first Iron Man, and most recently, Thor: The Dark World. Outside of an entertaining, yet slightly disappointing, Iron Man 2, I've thoroughly enjoyed each one even though I never read a single comic book growing up.

Sure, I have perused through a comic book or two in my days. I'm not a comic book virgin so-to-speak, I had an uncle who lived with my grandparents that left them lay around the house, but being a hardcore, I-can't-wait-for-the-next-issue-to-come-out reader was never my thing. Of course if you've read previous posts that I've written, you know reading in general is not really my thing. My knowledge about most characters came from Saturday morning and after-school cartoons (back when both were a thing).

Those various shows educated me on the major players in the Marvel and DC Comic worlds such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, the X Men, etc. But until the announcement nearly two years ago that Marvel would be creating a Guardians movie, I had no idea who they were. Since then I've brushed up on the basic knowledge through the use of's "Universe-wiki"; a site dedicated to every character, story line, and the crossovers involving both Marvel has ever created. It is a mind-boggling site with stories of characters who have died and been resurrected in parallel universes, or the same character who has been represented by different people over the years. For example, the Iron Man suit has been worn by multiple people, and The Avengers have members come and go all time. It's an amazing showcase of the imaginations Marvel writers have displayed over the years.

Unlike the Marvel films thus far, Guardians doesn't take place here on Earth. This is a Star Wars-type space odyssey, taking place in the far reaches of the galaxy and centered around a human space pilot and his rag-tag group of alien cohorts including a gun-toting, talking raccoon, and his tree/human hybrid bodyguard/partner in crime. I'll admit, leading up to last night's trailer premiere, the hype around Guardians didn't excite me to the extent that Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor did. I assume that's due to my complete lack of knowledge in the story, whereas with the others, I at least at the concept going in and was excited to see how Hollywood would handle it.

I have since watched the trailer twice, and the film clearly has a different feel to it than previous Marvel installments, most notably the inclusion of "Hooked on a Feeling" as the trailer's predominant theme song. It gives it an almost "campy" kind of feel despite being interwoven with pretty intense action sequences.

Will I go see it when it hits theaters August 1st? Let me answer that with another question if I may: Can I just give Marvel my money now?

What about you? Is Guardians a must see, or more of a wait for the DVD in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below.