As a fan of video games my whole life, anytime I see anything video game related, there's a good chance I'll stop long enough to take a look and see if it's something worth exploring further. That's how it started when I stumbled across the video 'Go Right' on Buzzfeed. It ended with something much deeper.

On the surface, the video seems to be nothing more than something a bored college student threw together in their spare time. Clip after clip of video game characters (some more recognizable than others), running to the right presumably toward their goal while a dramatic, orchestral soundtrack plays in the background.

But is there more to it? I think there is.

This isn't just several iconic video game characters running aimlessly toward the right. No, this is video's intention is to motivate. It's telling a story. Running to the right is us going about our lives, heading toward our goal, whatever it may be. And as in life, obstacles pop up from time to time that slow our progression to the goal as the bad guys do to the video's hero's and heroine's. Some obstacles can appear devastating at first, causing us to stop and decide whether the pursuit is even worth it. Then once we decide the end result is worth the fight, we come out guns blazing (figuratively, not literally...hopefully), and refuse to let anything stand in our way!

Or maybe it's just a cool montage of old video games from my childhood.