The first time that I heard Gotye's Somebody That I Use To Know, I had run across it as a viral video of 5 people playing one guitar, and singing. Although it was a cover of s song that I had never heard (at the time... Goty-who?), I was drawn not only to the "stupid human trick" of it all, but also to the song itself.

Imagine my surprise when one morning The Rob plays me the new music just added to the KISS library! He says it's new... and I'm thinking... "I've heard this before!" LOL Needless to say, much like the rest of you, I have fallen in love with this song. I was super excited to see it performed the other week on NBC's The Voice by Lyndey Pavao. Now imagine my excitement when I learned that Somebody That I Use To Know was being performed on the Season Premier of Glee!!!

I LOVED IT & I think you will too!