Hidden somewhere deep inside my head is a fascination with things that happen in the sky. The idea that cold air and warm air can mesh together and produce thunder, lightning, and rain amazes me. Even more amazing to me is what lies outside of what we can actually see, meaning outer space. The fact that a flare up on the sun can affect air traffic and cell phones some million miles away here on Earth is mind boggling to me. Now, thanks to a new video on YouTube, we mere mortals have an opportunity to get up close look at something we see every night, the moon.

As fascinated as I am by outer space and what's out there, my knowledge is extremely limited. One thing I do know about the moon is that it somehow controls ocean tides here on earth. It has something to do with gravitational pull, I think.

We have a telescope at our house that we bought for our son a couple of years ago that I enjoy using more than he does. We found it at Feather Your Nest consignments in Newburgh for about $50 so it's not the most sophisticated piece of equipment in the world, but it gets the job done. This video obviously gets way more in depth with satellite imagery and computer generated composites revealing sections of the moon including a crater twice as deep as the grand canyon. No word on whether or not you can see your house from there.