Just like most of you, earlier last week my wife and I headed out to celebrate the Fourth of July with some good friends and family, grilled burgers and dogs, cold beer, fireworks and a novel, new boozing concept - frozen margaritas.

Now, I am fully aware that the idea of a frozen margarita is nowhere near a new idea in the grand scheme of Happy Hour, Hacienda enthusiasts, but actually having a frozen margarita machine spinning a tequila summer during a backyard party is.

Some friends of ours, being the movers-and-shakers that they are, decided rather than spend an exuberant amount of money blowing each other up with a series of Black Cat explosive devices that they would, instead, rent a frozen margarita machine from Margaritas on the Move and get into Independence Day the way our forefathers would have wanted it – extremely buzzed and happy to be alive!

For the record, I am also aware that tequila mixed with margarita slush is more synonymous with Mexico than it is commemorating the day the United States declared independence from Great Britain. However, I am almost certain that the idea of having a bizarre contraption that not only mixes, but dispenses margaritas on demand had to have been developed in America. We like to work hard, but not while we drink!

At any rate, Margaritas on the Move is a local company that will literally come to your backyard party, reception hall, or wherever you and your people feel like getting your margarita summer started. Personally, I'm trying to convince my editor to have one permanently installed in my office.

For more information about Margaritas on the Move, click here.