You can win big by matching slices!

Photo: Kat Mykals

The Piece of Cake Prize Slice game has kicked off and you have a chance to win a bunch of great prizes! All you have to do is listen each weekday mornings at 7:30am, middays at 12:40pm, and afternoons 4:40pm for a chance at matching our Prize Slices.

When you hear the cue to call, call 1-888-454-KISS, and be caller number 6 for a chance to pick some slices. If you match two slices that have the same prize, you win that prize! Also, each winner will qualify for a grand prize of a trip to Panama City Beach and get to stay at the Holiday Inn Resort!

To keep track of the prizes to improve your chances of getting a match, click the gameboard below to download your own to print! Fill in the squares as people guess to get ahead of the competition!

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Here's the list of prizes you can win!

Piece of Cake Prize Slice Prizes

*Prizes already claimed have been scratched from the list*

  1. One pair of tickets for Gabriel Iglesias at Old National Events Plaza
  1. One Free Birthday Cake from Piece of Cake Bakery
  1. A jump around party for 10 at Sky Zone
  1. A Combo Pack from Wendy’s
    1. Includes two combo meals, two kids meals, and four Frosty’s
  1. 4 Tickets to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari
  1. 2 Free Subs from Penn Station
  1. One free pizza from Papa John’s
  1. A 20-dollar gift card to Wings ETC
  1. A Baker’s Delight Basket from Piece of Cake Bakery
  1. 4 - 60 minute jump passes from Sky Zone
  1. One pair of tickets for Janet Jackson in Louisville December 1st
  1. A $20 gift certificate from Glo Tanning and Wellness
  1. 2 free stromboli’s from Pizza King
  1. 4 free combo meals from Grandy’s
  1. A $200 car detailing gift certificate from Brucken Motors
  1. $15 game card from Gatti Town
  1. A $20 gift certificate to Secret Headquarters
  1. A $25 gas card from Huck’s
  1. 6 free Nitro Washes at Lucas Oil Center
  1. A $50 gift card to Gangnam Korean Cuisine
  1. 5 Ultimate Washes from Mike’s Car Wash


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