During a trip to Showplace Cinemas North on Saturday to take my son to see Thor: The Dark World (hard to tell who was more excited to see it, me or him), I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone's favorite camel pop up between the previews for future releases and the start of the movie.

After becoming a nationwide star thanks to his appearance in the GEICO Insurance, "Hump Day" commercial, the camel is expanding his resume to the big screen in an announcement being run in theaters across the country called "Movie Day".

The 43-second announcement is really nothing more than a funny and unique way to remind everyone to silence their phones before the movie begins so that everyone can enjoy the show without distractions.

Whether or not it does its job is debatable, but it did get a pretty good laugh out of a 37-year-old man and his 9-year-old son if that's worth anything.