Gavin met Charlie Cox at Indiana Comic Con!

Last weekend, I attended Indiana Comic Con (you can read my entire review here) and had a great time. One of the guests at this years convention was Charlie Cox from the Marvel's Netflix Daredevil series. I loved that show and was very excited to get a change to meet the man who changed how we perceive Matt Murdock in a film or TV medium.

His line was (understandably) long on Saturday but he made time to make small talk with everyone who was getting things signed. Also, a fun mishap occurred when my friend was trying to get something signed. How everything was set it was that you approached the table where Charlie Cox was at. He had a cashier on the left side of the table where you paid. After you paid, you were handed a post-it note to spell out what you wanted written on your signed item. My friend got in a hurry and messed up the spelling on a word. Charlie was kind of embarrassed he didn't catch the mistake and my friend was horrified that he was responsible for his item being messed up. Charlie was super cool though and finished signing his item and gave him an extra autographed item for free.

My interaction with Charlie Cox was pretty fun. We talked about Daredevil and my friends spelling error. It was all in good fun. He signed my POP figure and I went on my way. Later on that day, I had my photo-op with him. It was a very quick interaction but he remembered me from earlier. Here is how the photo turned out:

Shooting Stars

It was a relief but also a bit sad that, for once, I was not the most handsome person in a photo. But yeah, Charlie Cox was super nice and if you get a change to meet him, I definitely recommend it!