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Gavin Eddings

Project Reveal is one of the coolest things that Evansville does. Created by Stacey Goldbold, Project Reveal was created as a way to empower women and allow them to share their stories. In recent years, the show has expanded to a wide variety of different topics including infidelity in a relationship to PTSD. These topics are explored in a variety of ways, both by Stacy and the guests she has on.

The reason for doing Project Reveal is to bring awareness to things that people might be afraid to talk about and show them that they aren't alone. It's a very cool show.

You might be wondering what I was doing on an upcoming episode of the show. While the show does tackle serious topics, it also has light-hearted ones as well. This is where I come in. The episode I'll be appearing on is about whether or not my parents had "the talk" with me. "The Talk," of course referring to the infamous sex talk all teens are supposed to give.

In the episode, I recall whether or not I received the talk and gave some context to it. I had a great time filming the episode. Everyone on the staff was incredibly nice and made me feel comfortable. That wasn't difficult, as both camera operators, Dave Cummings and Dan Hiatt, have been my friends for years. Stacey is a great host and really made my "testimonial" more of a conversation, as opposed to just reciting something I had memorized.

The episode should air sometime in the fall on our local PBS channel. You can check out a pic of me on set below!


Dan Hiatt