One tweet can lead to a friendship with a relatively successful boy band from the late 90's!

I love Twitter. I love that you can instantly connect with celebrities, politicians, and other interesting people with a click of a button. Occasionally, you might get a tweet back or a retweet. It's happened to people in our building. The Rob and Kat have been tweeted at by Nick Cannon and Coca-Cola, respectively. While those are cool, they definitely aren't on the level of BECOMING BEST FRIENDS WITH THE LYTE FUNKIE ONES (LFO)!

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Be still, your tween heart

How did this happen? How was a friendship formed? Well, it started with a tweet I made a few weeks ago as a joke about my vocal exercises before I go on-air:

Girl on TV

To recap, here's how my night went:

  • Became Best Friends with LFO. The End

I look forward to see what happens and hopefully we can actually get an interview going. If you are still an LFO fan or have nostalgia for them, drop a comment below!


*Note: LFO currently consists of Devin Lima and Brad Fischetti. Original member Rich Cronin sadly passed away in 2010*