While washing her boyfriend clothes, Emma Barnett found a tag on a pair of pants that read, "Machine Wash Warm...Tumble Dry...or GIVE IT TO YOUR WOMAN - IT'S HER JOB!" Taken aback by the blatancy of the instructions, she immediately took a picture of the tag, tweeted it, then finished doing her boyfriends laundry. Now, the internet is all in an uproar, calling it "misogynistic" and degrading! They do realize she WAS doing his laundry right?

I'm an old school kinda guy that still believes in household roles and duties that need to be played in order to have a successful house. I prefer the traditional arrangement where the man provides for and protects the house while the woman nurtures and maintains it. However, due to choices and circumstances, it doesn't always happen that way, especially in this economy. In the end, whether the man does the dishes or the woman goes to work, isn't THAT important, just as long as SOMEBODY is doing it.

Women crack just as many sexist jokes about men as we do about them, even if it was just meant to be a joke, was it  APPROPRIATE for a company to "put it out there like that"? Take for example the slogan for the new Dr. Pepper 10 drink. The whole ad campaign is directed toward men and the even say on the commercial that "THIS DRINK IS NOT FOR WOMEN...CATCH-PHRASE!" But I don't hear ANYONE complaining about it!

I want to know what YOU think about it. Take the poll and tell me are the Sexist Washing Instructions FUNNY or OFFENSIVE?